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Tough on Fraud

You hear about it on the news every week. You’re constantly warned about being careful, and it may have even happened to you. Fraud is becoming more common with access to the internet and it has the...

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AmeriChoice's Loan Protection Program

Help preserve your standard of living.

Long-term unemployment (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) has accounted for more than one-third of the total unemployment since July of 2009. Source: Bureau of...

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Summer Travel Tips

 Make travel easy.

As the warm weather arrives, we know many of you are getting ready for your summer vacations and other travel plans. Travel can be undeniably stressful, and a large part of that is...

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Sharpening Kid's Savings Skills

Learning to save money takes practice. By saving, you can spend money on what’s important to you—whether that's a new video game, a trip to the movies, a used car, or even a college education.

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Teach Your Children Financial Independence

Are your kids on the right track to financial independence?

For many of today's young adults, the weakest link lies in learning the basics. According to a 2014 survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf...

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Consumers to Benefit With Credit Bureau Change

Breaking News.

For decades, consumers have been complaining about the challenges with disputing items with the credit reporting agencies. Finally, the credit reporting giants TransUnion, Equifax and...

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Monkey See, Monkey Do: Teaching Financial Literacy

Teaching Financial Literacy

We’d be “lion” if we said saving was easy. Teach children how to save for their goals and they’ll have one of the most difficult aspects of finance under their belt by the...

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Help Celebrate National Credit Union Youth Month™

Youth Get Wild About Saving

This April, youth can take a walk on the wild side at the credit union. Whether they’ve been to the jungle or not, the call of the wild is enticing to youth of all ages....

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The Financial Challenge: Step Two

In January we introduced you to the idea of tracking your income and expenses. Recording these findings should have helped you to better understand your current financial situation and spending habits....

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