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New VISA Purchase Alerts

A new service that will track your spending has become more and more useful for VISA card users. When you sign up for our new VISA Purchase Alerts, it will then allow you to receive a text or email whenever you pay with your VISA card! This service is a great opportunity to get back on track with your finances and help you to stay on top of your account balances.

The security benefits send you alerts for transactions in real-time and immediately identify fraudulent activity. With VISA Purchase Alerts, you can even set your own Trigger Alerts that make sense for you! Be alerted after international purchases, or even just after online-made purchases. These are alerts you can fully control with the purchase alerts program.

Enrolling is simple and free for members:

Step One: Check to see if your card is eligible

– For this free service, you must register through visa.com/purchasealerts.
– AmeriChoice Federal Credit Union cannot do the registration for you.
You can add multiple cards.

Step Two: Register your mobile device and email address to receive VISA Purchase Alerts
– You can set alerts for when transactions exceed a certain amount, online purchases, and international purchases.

Step Three: Choose notification triggers that match your needs!

Set alerts via text message or email.
It takes three simple steps to enroll and that means remaining in control of your finances. If you have any questions about this service, please contact our VISA Coordinator, Robin Selle at rselle@americhoice.org.

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